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This trigger fires when an object is hit by the effects of a spell. The object may have been targeted directly or it may have been hit by an area-effect spell.

Fires on:


The following object references are explicitly available for this trigger:

Name Description
ARGO The item used to cast the spell (e.g. a wand or scroll).
I The character or item being hit by the spell.
SRC The character responsible for the spell.


The following arguments are set for this trigger. If an argument is marked as "In" then a value will be passed in to the trigger, if an argument is marked as "Out" then it can be set to a value to affect Sphere's behaviour:

Argument In/Out Description
ARGN1 IO The number of the spell that has hit the object.
ARGN2 IO The strength of the spell.
ARGN3 IO A multiplier for the spell's duration or effect.
Note: Only used when a character is hit by a spell.
Local.CreateObject1 IO Changes the ID of the effect for this spell, IE: Local.CreateObject1=0eed in FlameStrike spell will change the Fire Column for a Gold Coin.
local.Duration IO Changes the duration of the spell.
local.Effect IO Changes the EFFECT value of the spell (For changing EFFECT_ID see Local.CreateObject1).
local.EffectColor IO Changes the color of the effect for this spell.
local.EffectRender IO Changes the Render Mode for this spell's effect.
local.EffectExplode IO Sets wether the effect should explode or not after reaching the target.

Return Values

The following return values are explicitly defined for this trigger:

Return Value Description
0 For scripted spells, prevents any hardcoded behaviour from taking place.
1 Prevents the object from being affected by the spell.

Note: For the recall and gate travel spells, returning 0 prevents the spell from proceeding and returning 1 has no effect.