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This trigger fires when a character buys an item from a vendor. The trigger fires once for each item that is bought in the transaction.

Fires on:


The following object references are explicitly available for this trigger:

Name Description
ACT The item being bought.
ARGO The vendor the item is being bought from.
I The character buying the item.


The following arguments are set for this trigger. If an argument is marked as "In" then a value will be passed in to the trigger, if an argument is marked as "Out" then it can be set to a value to affect Sphere's behaviour:

Argument In/Out Description
ARGN1 I The amount of the item being bought.
ARGN2 I The cost of the item.
LOCAL.TOTALCOST I The total cost for the transaction.

Return Values

The following return values are explicitly defined for this trigger:

Return Value Description
1 Prevents the character from buying the item (blocks the entire transaction).