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CAN is a Flag like variable, predefined values must be added with special characters and not with sums or sustractions ( + or - ).

These values adds some behaviour modification for items, like make sphere they are water (can_i_water), a tile where Gargoyles can hover over (can_i_hover) and much more.


[itemdef i_test]
can=can_i_flip|can_i_dye|can_i_repair //This is how values must be added, using the | means they are being sum.

    src.say <name>'s current can_flags are: <can>
    //To check any specific flag this is how its done:
    if (<can>&can_i_dye)
        src.say and can be dyeable.

Actual Flags

CAN_I_DOOR 000001 // Is a door UFLAG4_DOOR

CAN_I_WATER 000002 // Need to swim in it. UFLAG1_WATER

CAN_I_PLATFORM 000004 // we can walk on top of it. (even tho the item itself might block) UFLAG2_PLATFORM

CAN_I_BLOCK 000008 // need to walk thru walls or fly over. UFLAG1_BLOCK

CAN_I_CLIMB 000010 // step up on it, UFLAG2_CLIMBABLE

CAN_I_FIRE 000020 // Is a fire. Ussually blocks as well. UFLAG1_DAMAGE

CAN_I_ROOF 000040 // We are under a roof. can't rain on us. UFLAG4_ROOF

CAN_I_HOVER 000080 // We are hovering. UFLAG4_HOVEROVER

CAN_I_PILE 000100 // Can item be piled UFLAG2_STACKABLE (*.mul)

CAN_I_DYE 000200 // Can item be dyed UFLAG3_CLOTH? (sort of)

CAN_I_FLIP 000400 // will flip by default.


CAN_I_REPAIR 001000 // Is it repairable (difficulty based on value)

CAN_I_REPLICATE 002000 // Things like arrows are pretty much all the same.

CAN_I_DCIGNORELOS 004000 // when dclicked, ignore LOS checks

CAN_I_DCIGNOREDIST 008000 // when dclicked, ignore distance checks

CAN_I_BLOCKLOS 010000 // blocks LOS, but not walking thru