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Starting with SphereServer

Setup of Sphere

Sphere 101

Extra Tutorials



Reference Compendium



Useful Links

Sphere 3rd Party Tools

  • Axis II - GM Tool for Sphere that will allow you to place objects in-game, spawns, traveling and many other useful functions for shard admins and GMs.
  • vSCP - vSCP is the most complete and up-to-date syntax editor for sphere scripting. It does contain syntax highlighting, autocomplete, folding markers to specify blocks of code that can expand or collapse, bookmarks, autoindent, find/replace/gotoline, help guide for all the sphere elements added to your code, and more!
  • vServerLauncher - Install and run the latest build of sphereserver in a few clicks with vServerLauncher. It's pretty quick and simple!
  • SphereService - Relaunch SphereSvr.exe everytime it closes/crashes. Automatically runs at windows startup and works in a silent mode minimized to Tray.
  • vCrypter - Type the client version and the tool will calculate the correct UO login keys for classic or enhanced clients.

Other Articles


Special thanks to:

XuN, Nolok, Ben, and Drk, for their hard work on the X branch taking Sphere into the next decade.

Ben, Cloud_Br, Ellessar, Jdog, Lord Zerofiz, Mordaunt, Nazghul-ll, RanXerox, Rattlehead, Sandman, Sharlenwar, ShiryuX, thelegbra, Maximus, WarAngel and Valios, for helping to add content.

Daleth, for writing the Sphere Reference Project, and Mordaunt for converting it to .chm format.

Tracker, for writing the Sphere 56 Tracking Changes in

Taran, for writing the original and now famous Sphere Scripting for Dummies tutorials, and MrSugarCube for bringing it up-to-date directly from source.

Ben, Khaos, Ranxerox, Shiryux, Furio, Radiant, Vjaka, Nazghul-ll, Ellessar, Torfo, Shadow Dragon, MrSugarCube and coruja747 for continuing to develop Sphere into a powerful and very customizable Ultima Online emulator.

Crius, for providing hosting for the original SphereWiki, and Torfo for providing the current hosting.

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