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The layers are defined in the sphere_defs.scp file.


Layer ID Default Layer Defname Description
1 layer_hand1
2 layer_hand2
3 layer_shoes
4 layer_pants bone legs + pants
5 layer_shirt
6 layer_helm
7 layer_gloves
8 layer_ring
9 layer_talisman talisman (se and ml)
10 layer_collar gorget or necklace
11 layer_hair
12 layer_half_apron
13 layer_chest armor chest
14 layer_wrist watch
15 layer_light a itemid_light_src equip item can be put here
16 layer_beard
17 layer_tunic jester suit or full apron
18 layer_ears earrings
19 layer_arms armor
20 layer_cape cape
21 layer_pack only used by itemid_backpack
22 layer_robe robe over all
23 layer_skirt skirt or kilt
24 layer_legs plate legs


these are not part of the paper doll (but get sent to the client)

Layer ID Default Layer Defname Description
25 layer_horse ride this object. (horse objects are strange?)
26 layer_vendor_stock the stuff the vendor will restock and sell to the players
27 layer_vendor_extra the stuff the vendor will resell to players but is not restocked. (bought from players)
28 layer_vendor_buys the stuff the vendor can buy from players but does not stock
29 layer_bankbox contents of my bank box

internally used layers - don't bother sending these to client.

30 layer_special can be multiple of these. memories
31 layer_dragging


32 layer_spell_stats stats effecting spell. these cancel each other out
33 layer_spell_reactive
34 layer_spell_night_sight
35 layer_spell_protection
36 layer_spell_incognito
37 layer_spell_magic_reflect
38 layer_spell_paralyze or turned to stone
39 layer_spell_invis
40 layer_spell_polymorph
41 layer_spell_summon magical summoned creature


42 layer_flag_poison
43 layer_flag_criminal criminal or murderer ?
44 layer_flag_potion some magic type effect done by a potion. (they cannot be dispelled)
45 layer_flag_spiritspeak
46 layer_flag_wool regrowing wool
47 layer_flag_drunk booze effect
48 layer_flag_clientlinger
49 layer_flag_hallucination shrooms etc
50 layer_flag_potionused track the time till we can use a potion again
51 layer_flag_stuck in a trap or web
52 layer_flag_murders how many murders do we have ? and decay timer
53 layer_flag_bandage bandages go here for healing