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Properties and Functions

Here is a list of all dialoglist properties and functions. If a function is marked as readable then it can return a value when used as <KEY>. Click on the name for more detailed information such as usage and examples.

This parameters must use with DIALOGLIST. For examples, please go Examples.

DIALOGLIST.key Read/Write Description
COUNT R Gets the number of number of dialogs currently considered to be visible on SRC's screen.
n.COUNT R Gets the number of instances of nth dialog SRC has open (zero-based).
n.ID R Gets the ID of the nth dialog that SRC has open (zero-based).


The following examples are about dialoglist.


[Function dialogtotal]
SERV.LOG Total number of dialogs: <dialoglist.count>

You will see total number of dialogs output to the console.


[Function dialogtotal]
SERV.LOG Instant dialogs: <dialoglist.0.count>

You will see how many dialog same id with first dialog output to the concole.


[Function dialogtotal]
SERV.LOG First dialog id: <dialoglist.0.id>

You will see id for first dialog output to the console.