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A REGIONTYPE definition contains a set of trigger scripts which can be attached to regions. A region type can also define which resources can be found inside the region. There are different properties that can be used to attach an region type block to a region or set of regions:


The syntax for defining an region type for triggers is:

[REGIONTYPE defname]


Any number of triggers can be handled by one REGIONTYPE definition, however it is not possible to handle the same trigger twice without using multiple definitions.

The trigger name can be the name of any region trigger. The return value from the script can affect Sphere's hardcoded behaviour in different ways. See the documentation for the trigger to discover what parameters are passed in to each trigger and what the return values do.

A region type can also define which resources can be gathered from a region. This syntax for this is:

[REGIONTYPE defname item_type]
RESOURCES=weight resource
RESOURCES=weight resource
RESOURCES=weight resource

The item_type parameter should be the item or terrain TYPE that the resources can be gathered from.


The following properties are available when defining a region type:

Name Read/Write Description
CALCMEMBERINDEX R Selects a resource from the region type at random, and returns its zero-based index.
CALCMEMBERINDEX character_uid R Selects a resource from the region type at random based on the resource available to the specified character, and returns its zero-based index.
DEFNAME W Sets the region type's defname.
RESOURCES weight resource_defname W Adds a region resource to the region type. Accepts a comma-separated list of resources.
RESOURCES R Gets a list of resources attached to the region type.
RESOURCES.COUNT R Gets the number of different resources attached to the region type.
RESOURCES.n.KEY R Gets the defname of the nth resource attached to the region type. (1-based)
RESOURCES.n.VAL R Gets the weight of the nth resource attached to the region type. (1-based)
WEIGHT W Sets the weight of the last resource added to the region type.


// Default region type from default script pack.
[REGIONTYPE r_default]
    SRC.MUSIC = midi_britain1,midi_ForestA,midi_JungleA,midi_MountainA,midi_Plains,midi_Victory
    SRC.MUSIC = midi_britain1,midi_ForestA,midi_JungleA,midi_MountainA,midi_Plains,midi_Victory
// Default rock resources from default script pack.
[REGIONTYPE r_default_rock t_rock]
// Random rocks
RESOURCES=420.0 mr_iron
RESOURCES=8.5 mr_copper
RESOURCES=8.0 mr_bronze
RESOURCES=7.5 mr_stagmite
RESOURCES=7.0 mr_arcanium
RESOURCES=6.5 mr_gold
RESOURCES=6.0 mr_shadow
RESOURCES=5.5 mr_phoenix
RESOURCES=5.0 mr_argonite
RESOURCES=4.5 mr_bronzealloy
RESOURCES=4.0 mr_myriad
RESOURCES=3.5 mr_chromecopper
RESOURCES=3.0 mr_nixalite
RESOURCES=2.5 mr_crimson
RESOURCES=2.0 mr_agapite
RESOURCES=1.9 mr_daedric
RESOURCES=1.8 mr_omniate
RESOURCES=1.7 mr_alumina
RESOURCES=1.6 mr_rose
RESOURCES=1.5 mr_silver
RESOURCES=1.4 mr_elven
RESOURCES=1.3 mr_bloodrock
RESOURCES=1.2 mr_solarite
RESOURCES=1.1 mr_cyruss
RESOURCES=1.0 mr_verite
RESOURCES=1.0 mr_stone
RESOURCES=1.0 mr_lunar
RESOURCES=1.0 mr_ice
RESOURCES=0.9 mr_demonic
RESOURCES=0.8 mr_mystic
RESOURCES=0.7 mr_aqualis
RESOURCES=0.6 mr_Valorite
RESOURCES=0.5 mr_kryptonite
RESOURCES=0.4 mr_lavan
RESOURCES=0.3 mr_ancientsteel
RESOURCES=0.2 mr_sandrock
RESOURCES=0.1 mr_mytheril
RESOURCES=0.1 mr_vulcan
RESOURCES=0.1 mr_titanium
RESOURCES=0.1 mr_dragon
RESOURCES=0.1 mr_bloodsteel
RESOURCES=0.1 mr_sacratus
RESOURCES=0.1 mr_blackrock
RESOURCES=0.1 mr_lothlorien
RESOURCES=0.1 mr_diamond